Shift-at-a-Glance Nursing Med-Surg Practicum Checklist and Brain Sheet

shiftglanceimgAs my clinical placements took place in more acute settings and especially as I started giving meds, I needed to keep track of more and more information about my patients. I found that I needed a quick reference sheet that would highlight important patient information, but also serve as a checklist for me to remember all my tasks. And so, the clinical checklist was born!

This one-page document is a lifesaver, especially when you first enter the acute care setting. It points out things that are easy to forget when you first arrive on shift, like checking how often a patient needs their vital signs taken and reviewing their appointments for the day.

You can purchase this nursing student brainsheet and organizer for less than $2.00 HERE on Etsy. Now that is a good value!

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