The Ultimate Nursing Pen!

There are many things that we do as (student) nurses that appear random, but are actually very purposeful–like asking your patient which hospital he is in half a dozen times during your shift. It took me some time to figure out that even something as basic as the pen I use during clinicals is a very important choice.

There are countless times during a shift when you want to make a note of something you absolutely cannot forget about. You want this to stand out on your sheet, but all you’ve got in your scrub pockets is the standard blue or black ink. Of course, you are more likely to find a mariachi band on the unit than a highlighter.

That’s where the BIC 4 color pen comes in. I use the red ink to circle around important information like my patient’s goals of care, while I use the green to check off the orders I have completed. The blue and black are always handy for everyday notes.

You can purchase your own set of pens on Amazon. Do you use the 4 color BIC pen in your practice? Do you find that something else works better? Please let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: this post is my personal opinion and in no way sponsored by BIC.


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