Pathology Review Tables: Gastritis

2016-03-19 (1)

Sorry for being MIA lately…! I spent the last few days at a local nursing conference and would like to share with you something very important that I learned. One of the keynote speakers at this conference was Suzanne Gordon (, a journalist who has written extensively about nursing and published 18 (!) books. She talked about how little people know about nursing and what nurses can do about this problem.  Part of the reason for this ignorance, she explained, is because we are not very good at discussing and sharing our work. She used the term “prevention paradox” to describe that many of our nursing activities, such as turning patients every two hours and mobilizing patients, are designed to prevent negative health outcomes. However, when the outcomes we are trying to prevent are successfully prevented, nothing happens–when nothing happens, people think that nothing was done! To show people the value of nursing, it is so important for us to start conversations with our patients and the public and share with them the reasons behind our nursing interventions. Suzanne also gave some very practical tips to begin this conversation. For example, she said, when taking vitals, tell your patients the values you found for their blood pressure, temperature, pulse, etc., whether they are within the normal range, and what you will do for this patient if they are not. Sounds easy enough, right?! What do you think about this topic? Please do share in the comments below!

Now, back to business. Click HERE to download the Pathology Review Table for Gastritis!


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